Do SEO Packages Work?

Does an SEO Package work? Short answer: YES (Depending on how’s providing the service)

If you find SEO Packages for $100/month RUN, don’t even waste more time into that company. Most of the time I explain to my clients, you want to get a cheap SEO Marketing service? well, that’s something you can easily find look in your email “Junk Emails” and read some of the emails you might already receive offering SEO Services in India for $40 – 200.

These individuals are just trying to make a living out of their “SEO Knowledge” that’ll not bring any benefit to your company, in fact, it will be harmful the quality of what they’re building is “Junk” as their emails. I’m sorry but it’s the truth.

What to consider when you’re going to buy SEO Packages?

– SEO Expert

If the company that’s offering services have other companies? imagine this case scenario: you know how to rank businesses at the top of google right? well.. then I’m sorry but 10000% of real seo experts have their own business(es) there’s no way SEO Experts will just do SEO For clients. SEO Experts most likely do SEO as a very low extra income of what they’re already generating. Ask your SEO Expert what are his own projects. If he doesn’t have any. then there you have the result.


There’s no cheap for SEO. As SEO Experts some of us build our own PBN, BLOG OUTREACH, Content and more.  Services along on average, I spend around 60% of the total cost of the SEO Services on just outsourcing, links, content, infographics, etc…

-Is the SEO Company Ranking itself in Google?

As professionals, they need to prove the concept with their own companies website. if they don’t even rank for their own company how are they going to make you rank in google? Some of them usually say: No time, google update, etc, etc, etc…  if the company you’re hiring is not ranking in google plain and simple. DON’T HIRE THEM.

How Much Costs a Monthly SEO Package?

That varies, it can go from $1000 (For a medium – slow growth) for non-competitive niche to $10,000 for a nationwide business.

Does Avery-Mag suggest any SEO Services?

Here, and there we’ve been using some Monthly SEO Packages from a company called SEO Plan they seems to have a pretty solid service and provide us some results for their packages. So we use them once or twice each month for some of our clients.  Their SEO Pricing Packages starts at $800 and it’s very worth it.


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